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Cash pro app a pain!

App not designed to help the user —- it’s designed to frustrate with endless security tweaks. Who needs this!


Love the new look & feel.

Lamont Mack

My Kids Enjoy College

No transaction data

Cash Pro has been nothing short of a headache since we migrated from Business Analysis. Tokens do not Work. No transaction data in the app. No positive pay for ACH. There is no point to this app. Unless you need a way to remember all your security questions. Because it makes you answer them. Every. Single. Time. Bank of America you are a GIANT corporation. How is it your banking app is worse than my local credit unions?


Got hounded with emails about moving from separate token app. Update app, go through process, go to authorize token and it’s not in the app! Completely ridiculous!

At least it’s more than nothing #Review updated: Better!

Review Update Dec 2017 They fixed login, very quick and easy now! Resolved 1 and 2 below. Great, thank you ———————————————————————- 1) iphone iOS 8 and ipad iOS 10, cannot remember either device, so have to go through security questions and all entries each use. 2) Often have to delete and reinstall each time it’s used to get it to work 3) Lacks ability to create template or do free form wire, though can approve or initiate from existing template. Occasionally helps in a pinch, but lacks convenience due to above issues.

Good App, but

Good app, but lacks account ledger. It’s a must have account transaction.

Update loop

Don’t know what you did in the update, but now the app is locked in a loop asking for an update.

Great Financial App

Very complimentary to the CashPro online app. Allows me to approve payments, unlock users, and deposit checks.

Horrible app

By far the worst app I’ve ever had to use. Logging in requires 4 pieces of information, including a token from an equally horrible MFA app they produce because they can’t use anything standard.

keeps crashing

previous version worked fine, now it crashes when trying to log in.. FIX IT!!

Not working?!

All I can do is login in my account. The app does not ever remember the security questions, I have to enter them each time. Once I am in my account, I can only manage users?! It's just a ridiculous app.

Good App, but remembering credentials is no included

I have the worlds most complex user name and company ID. Why can't we use fingerprint ID to login? Or at a minimum have App store user name and company ID.

Very Handy

Helps to quickly approve and create payments on the go.

Awesome App

I love this new functionality.

Makes accessing CashPro on the go so easier

The new app allows me to approve items without having my PC, which I love. Looking forward to BofA adding more functionality in the future.

Well done BofA !!

Great mobile banking app. This app is extremely easy to use. Easy to read and provides the remote access needed to review accounts

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